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  • SYNC | Concept of Sander den Ouden represented by LIWYN
  • SYNC | Concept of Sander den Ouden represented by LIWYN


SYNQ visualizes each and every song you hear during its DJ set real-time on a screen at your event. A combination of video, graphics, lyrics and music are basic essentials for this spectacular show. By perfectly SYNQronizing audio and video Sander creates an energetic atmosphere for his show! The show involves many aspects together with years of experience SYNQ results into an unique experience for the audience. Driving force behind this innovative concept is Sander den Ouden, one of the most divers DJs in the Netherlands.

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    Contact Details
    A’DAM Toren, ADAM Works, Overhoeksplein 23 N, 9de verdieping
    1031 KS Amsterdam
    the Netherlands
    +31 (0) 20 428 31 70
    Leonieke Smit
    +31 (0) 6 28 76 38 29
    Heleen Hartong
    +31 (0) 6 30136061

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