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  • Housequake 2017

Housequake / Roog & Erick E b2b

Housequake has been a driving force behind the evolution of house music in Holland since its inception. Behind the name stands two visionaries of the Dutch club scene -Roog (Rogier van Bueren) and Erick E (Erick Eerdhuizen). Both began their careers in the mid-nineties, with Roog pioneering multi-deck performances and producing soul-driven house music whilst Erick E began spinning at Amsterdam’s legendary RoXY club. Today, both still perform in excess of 100 shows a year, but always return to Housequake as an essential outlet for capturing the true spirit of the party. Full biography here





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    A’DAM Toren, ADAM Works, Overhoeksplein 23 N, 9de verdieping
    1031 KS Amsterdam
    the Netherlands
    +31 (0) 20 428 31 70
    Leonieke Smit
    +31 (0) 6 28 76 38 29
    Heleen Hartong
    +31 (0) 6 30136061

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